Empowering Men & Women on the Move 

"Act As Though It Were Impossible for You To Fail"

About Us ‚Äč

Empowering Men and Women On The Move for Re-entry Inc, is a 501c3 non-profit organization that started November 1, 2011. We are Supportive Housing Program in Metro Atlanta, Out of State for men who have been impacted by homelessness: (Veterans, Substance Addiction, Youth, Behavioral Health, Seniors, HIV). We are referral service for women who are homeless. Our Mission Improvement Quality of Life. Subcontractor with varies agencies (Homeless Population). Housing the homeless population.  Our organization has achieved measurable success since our inception 2011 by providing Resource Services: Supportive Housing, Resource Directory, Career Apprenticeship, Job Developer, Medical Referral, Behavioral Health, Recovery, Detox, Case Management, Financial Literacy.  I hope you will join us in continuing to fulfill the mission Empowering Men and Women On The Move; as we seek to team up with valuable organization such as yours to serve the community. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at: 404 234 1011 or email empoweringmenandwomen10gmail.com.  

Our services

Life Coach

 Life coach 

Understand the person you need to become in order to achieve your goals. 

Financial Literacy Classes

Financial Literacy Class helps our men understand the importance of finances. The classes includes planning, and managing money wisely.

Case Management

 Assessing planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation action required to meet the client's goals.